The Horseshoe Barn’s 28th Annual Seminar A Success

The Horseshoe Barn held their annual clinic on November 13 and 14 in Sacramento. The clinicians were Paige Poss from Virginia and Bob Smith, owner and instructor of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School. The first day they dissected hooves and discussed the internal structures and variations in the hooves they worked with. Day two the dissections expanded to a full fore and hind limb. The work was all projected on a large screen and Bob Smith’s narrative contributed to an educational and entertaining two days. At the close of the day on Saturday, a benefit dinner and auction was held for local farrier, Logan Lovett who is battling cancer, but doing well. There were some really great auction items, donated by farriers and companies from all across the country, as well as many in the local horse industry.

Thanks to everyone who attended this event!


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